Friday, May 24, 2013

New Year's Resolutions Are Overrated: Start Now!

New Year's Resolutions are Overrated (Those are NOT my hands!! :) )
Resolutions… why is it that this word annoys me every January 1st
Probably because so many people say “this year I am going to ….” but have no real expectation to actually complete it, especially if they get behind in their resolution. I feel it’s because our society has created this negative thought process that we need to fix ourselves at the beginning of the year every year and if we don’t do it at that time, then it’s pointless and we have to wait until the next year to start the cycle all over again.  
But I see people every day starting and accomplishing resolutions.  I feel that my office door has an amazing “window to the Kroc”.  I see people transforming as they walk by and wave at me. Yes I see the obvious weight loss but more importantly I see the swelling of confidence and attitude. I love that resolutions can happen at any time not just January 1st every year. Last August I decided that I needed to take care of myself, take time for myself and be healthy.  I realized I wanted to see my grandchildren someday so I better take care of this body so it will take care of me.  
Six months later I feel healthier and I have more energy than I have had in 17 years (when my first son was born).  It sounds a little arrogant but I am proud of myself for sticking with it.  The longer I stuck with it the easier it has been.  My community of friends at the Kroc have been supportive every step of the way and I also received a ton of support from doing Performance Training here at the Kroc.  When I am not in class they ask me, where have you been? And my trainer works with me to ensure I'm eating right and holds me accountable to workouts. It is certainly money well spent.
It does not matter how much weight I have lost or how many pant sizes I went down, what has made a difference in my resolution is that I did it on my terms, when I was ready and with my own expectations. 
Have you ever started a resolution?  How did it go?  Were you a part of a community of support?   
Did you set yourself up for success?  What helped you stick with it or what was a reason you were not able to complete your goals?  Will you start again?
I truly look forward to hearing from you as we enter this journey together.

 - One site I've grown to love for helping me stay on track with my eating is the Hungry Girl site. They have great recipes for everything from sweet treats to healthy dinners and alot of tips, tricks, and encouragement.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Community Craving

A few weeks ago I was sitting at my desk at the Kroc Center and as I was checking my email, I looked up and saw two people rushing to cycle class.  To be honest I was very jealous.   I would rather go to cycle class than scroll through my emails.  The two people rushing to class always give the class a little boost with their great personalities.  I recently realized why I enjoy group classes as much as I do and why they encourage me.  The key is “community”.  Last week the cycle class instructor mentioned how a class setting creates a unique community and I had an “Aha” moment.  You know that moment when you realize someone is talking directly to you and it all makes sense. 

 Group classes make people a part of something bigger than themselves and they also give each person som accountability and a desire to want to go to class to take care of themselves.  It was funny, a few weeks ago one of the participants who is pregnant was leaving class one day to go to the doctors to find out the gender of the baby.  We were all happy to hear it’s a girl!  Her fourth! This is community to me.

Community is what I crave the most in life since I moved away from my family in NH over 5 years ago.  I have a large family and I grew up in a small town where literally everyone knows everyone.  Oddly, little things like cycle class, work out buddies and even the staff at the Kroc Center that notice when I missed a few days helps to make me feel a part of a community. 

I am curious if others feel the same way in life about community, not just at a fitness center but in everyday life.  Until I moved away and lost my sense of community I think I just took it for granted, feeling like it will always be there, what I did not realize is how community needs to be cultivated and it takes time to feel that sense of community. 
Where is your community?  Home, family, fitness, church school, friends?? What is community to you?

Friday, February 15, 2013

Introduction To A Place to Belong & Mama Kroc!

RJ & Staff Member Canisha Dinkers-Taylor

When I was asked to start a blog I have to admit I thought to myself “why blog???” Then I began reading several blogs all with many different topics and found that most people that are blogging have interesting thoughts to share and the blog lets people connect on different levels.  I actually had not read too many blogs until about a month ago, and then I asked my facebook friends to give me some advice of what blogs they read on a regular basis.  I actually found myself spending several hours reading different blogs from cooking, parenting, travel, faith based to random blogging.  

In planning out the first blog, I want to promise one thing.  I promise to not allow this blog to become my own personal therapy session.  What it will be is a journey of stories comprised of personal experiences as well as stories from amazing members at the Kroc Center.  I have met inspirational people over the last 10 months since the Kroc Center open that I will share stories through this blog.  I will also share the ups and downs of my own family’s daily juggling to be able to accomplish all that life throws at us.  My husband and I both work full time and we have 4 active children so you can only imagine what that can look like.  This is an interactive blog so please feel free to ask questions, leave comments and exchange thoughts and ideas. I look forward to sharing my journey and the journey of The Kroc Center and its members with you all.

Sharon Dutkowski, Membership Director AKA “Mama Kroc” 
Me Being Interviewed on Our 1 Year Anniversary!